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As well as our 'normal family cars'
(a BMW X3 2.0d and a BMW 118d, for those sad enough to be interested),
we have two Land Rovers:

We have owned Land Rovers since 1973.
This is a bit of our history:

1973 - 1983

Series 1 80" This was Ian's first vehicle, which he got when he was 16 as a 'non-runner'. It took him through learning to drive, then through University. It was a 1952 80" - a real original! He bought it for 45 from the far north of Scotland, and his poor parents had to trailer it down - a long story that he will be happy to recount if you ask.

There are a few more pics of the Land Rover Series 1 here, although not many exist!

1993 - 2005

Discovery We got this new, and ran it until Land Rover could not supply spare parts for it any more. Only ten years - but Land Rover were going through a rather bad period at that time - they were owned by BMW and then Ford at the time, who really didn't understand that people might want to keep their vehicles beyond a few years!
1998 - 2008

Series 3 88" This was a Series 3, SWB. When we bought it, it was diesel but we put in a petrol engine. It had a galvanised chassis, cloth seats and a GRP headlining. It had free wheeling front hubs and overdrive, and we fitted Parabolic Springs and gas filled shock absorbers. Lois used it every day in winter (when it's not motorcycling weather) to get to work, and the old problems of being cut up on roundabouts that she had in her Peugeot 205 went away! But it wasn't powerful enough to tow our caravan. It was still a really good runner when we sold it on eBay to buy the Defender.
2000 -

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Engine swap
LPG installation
2008 -


Defender 90 Station Wagon  
And we used to have two motorcycles, but we're too old for those now!!!

Honda NT650V Deauville The Deauville is there for Ian to pose on - he was that age, you know!  

Honda CB600 Hornet

This is Lois on her bike.