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101 Forward Control Land Rover pages


The 101 was designed for towing (a field gun, actually, so it ought to manage a caravan or trailer OK!) However, the conversion that Marshalls do to make it into an ambulance made fitting a towbar difficult, since the rear doors and step arrangement ar in the way. I've always intended to fit a towbar, and modified the rear doors and step ages ago. But I've only just got round to doing the towing bracket itself.

There are drillings to bolt a NATO hitch to the rear chassis crossmember. However, that's no good for towing an 'ordinary' trailer or caravan, since it's FAR too high. Making a drop plate that big would create too much leverage on the chassis, so it needs to be braced in some way, and the whole lot needs to be strong enough to tow something that is close to the vehicle's towing limit (which is awfully high).

Here's what I came up with. It's made of 5mm steel plate, with 40mm angle holding it together. The bracketry at the back came from a disco towbar, which gives some useful holes and fixings, and there's a fairly standard adjustable towarbar bracket on the front. It's fixed to the NATO fixings on the chassis, and the lower edge is braced forwards to plates bolted between the bumpstops and the chassis (with uprated bolts).

During fabrication. You can see the 5mm steel plate,
drilled for the chassis holes and the sliding tow bracket.

And from the back, here's the Disco twobar, upside down
and bolted through the steel plate to the new towing bracket

Mounted on the vehicle, painted up but without the
bracing at this point.
Here is one of the plates fixed between the bump stop
and the chassis with new 8mm HT bolts.
The brace will fix to this.

This is one of the braces, bolted but not yet welded.
I welded all the joints you can see here
- probably overengineered, but that's better than the oppositite.

Here it is welded up, painted and bolted in to position.

And this is the final bracket. All I have to do now is the electrics!