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Huge thanks to Alison Griffiths
for the fantastic cake!


We are REALLY enjoying our retirement! That's the first summer gone that we didn't have to go away ... so we didn't! We stayed at home and started on the refurbishment of the house. We now have a new steam shower cabin ... very nice it is, too - this morning I steamed with Yanni* and then showered off. Fantastically relaxing, especially listening to Darlene Koldenhoven sing "Aria". And we have a lawn that's green. We even had a day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

And now, when all our ex-colleagues are gearing up to start the new university term, we're not and are planning our next travel.

The travel blog is in Adventures - I really need to update it.

*Yanni's "Live at the Acropolis" - the steam cabin also has bluetooth.

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