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101 Forward Control Land Rover pages

Service History (since we bought it)

The Basics

Details of vehicle Land-Rover 101" Forward Control, 8 cylinder petrol
Ambulance bodied
30/9/1977 Vehicle built (Solihull, UK)
30/7/1982 Vehicle into military service
28/6/1999 Vehicle out of military service
1/8/2000 Bought vehicle

The story of getting it running:

8/2000 New plugs, plug leads
Cleaned carbs
Sorted out electrics
Repaired night heater
Door locks replaced (with ones with a key!!)
9/2000 New petrol tank (stainless steel, via 101 Club)
10/2000 New thermostat and radiator cap
11/2000 Replaced speedo cable (odometer still doesn't work, though)
Sorted out in-cab and rear body electrics and split charge system (see resources centre for details and wiring diagrams).
Mended odometer.
Front seats replaced with comfy ones.
Inertia reel seatbelts fitted to front seats.
1/01 (good date!) Triple gauge replaced (oil & water temp weren't working) - (very good price from John Craddocks)
Exhaust manifold gasket replaced (Birthday prezzie from Lois)
New Distributor cap and rotor arm (Birthday prezzie from Hannah)
2/2001 Headlamps converted from the original glow-worm.
3/2001 New points and condenser fitted (dwell meter method used to adjust points - feeler gauge method hopelessly inaccurate).
4/2001 Fuel line re-routed and fuel pump re-wired to try to sort hot starting problem.
New coil.
6/2001 Carburettors overhauled and reset.
7/2001 New fuel filter, foglamps, pick & shovel, and amber flashing beacon - all from Billing - fitted.
8/2001 New halogen headlamps and U/J (for MoT).
9/2001 New distributor. Professionally tuned.
Service (oil/filter change etc)
Electronic ignition fitted
12/2001 - 1/2002 New distributor drive gear & timing chain.
3/2002 New HT leads
6/2002 Additional gauges fitted (oil pressure, vacuum, voltmeter)
7/2002 Flasher unit sorted out
8/2002 Overdrive fitted
10/2002 Service ready for winter
It's worth noting that the academic year 2003/4 was not the best one. I was having a tough time at work, and this is reflected by the lack of activity at this time.
1/2004 New vacuum difflock control, new auto advance tube
5/2004 MoT pass!!
7/2004 New starter motor and fuel pump fitted. Note: a new, high speed starter motor was fitted instead of the original equipment unit. It spins it over like a dream, and is FAR better at starting it than before.

The on-going story:

During 2005 New exhaust and overhaul of the oil pump (new main gear and idler, and reconditioned pump cover and relief valve)
8/2006 MoT pass (first time!!)
8/2006 All brakes overhauled. New brake pipe fitted.
NEW TYRES FITTED - big ones!
10/2006 Oil pressure still poor (despite new oil pump bits) and bits starting to break, so I have to admit - finally - that the old engine is a dog! So new engine acquired (from Steve Graham Services who is now, sadly, out of business). This is from a 1986 Range Rover EFi (with a 9.35:1 CR). Full details of the swap (including lots of pictures) are here.
1/2007 Got fed up with the noise levels in the cab, so fitted sound proofing kit from NoiseKiller Acoustics. This was quite cheap and made a HUGE difference!
2/2007 Having made the noise bearable, I then decided to make the comfort levels better by fitting some lovely new seats from Exmoor Trim.
1/2008 So, that's makes it comfy and reasonably quiet, so what about the cost of running the bloody thing? I sorted that next by buying and fitting an LPG kit. That was good fun, but quite nerve wracking when it came to the CoP11 test that has to be done on DiY installations, but I needn't have worried because the installation passed with flying colours! Lots more detail here.
2/2008 MoT pass. The old carbs (you'll remember that I had to keep them when I installed the Efi engine because of the gearshift and room under the engine cover) were on their last legs, so emissions were hard to get right ... however the LPG kit sorted all that out and this time there were no worries at all and she passed very easily with lower emissions than she'd EVER had.
2/2010 I got fed up with doing bits and pieces to the brakes, which were never really right and very hard to get adjusted correctly. So the pipe flaring tool that I'd had to buy for the LPG installation really came into its own as I replaced all the pipes, cylinders and shoes. The brakes are now as good as they ever could be.
10/2010 MoT - perfect!
11/2011 MoT - perfect!
3/2012 Major problems with clutch! Wouldn't engage properly, slipping too! Turned out to be a collapsed flexible pipe restricting and sometimes even blocking the flow of fluid completely. However, this had led to a meltdown of the release bearing, so I had to do that too. Dropped the gearbox down this time rather than taking the engine out. On balance, it's easier to get the dearbox out than the engine, so for clutch repairs this is my recommended method.
11/2012 MoT - perfect!
11/2013 MoT - perfect
9/2014 Full service including new plugs. Also I decided to upgrade the alternator from the old Lucas ACR25 (the ambulance standard that pumps out 50 amps when new) to a Unipoint ALT-4028 ( which is a 75 amp unit). This fits in the with new split charge system as well as lifting the voltage to a charge-level, which the old alternator didn't. I've also replaced the starter motor - the one I put on in 2004 (a high speed one, you'll remember) wasn't as good as I thought. I've now reverted to the standard one for the engine. Now that I have the new engine with its electronic ignition and LPG, it doesn't need a high speed starter anyway..
11/2014 MoT - warning of worn swivel pin
11/2015 MoT - perfect (so my repair of the swivel pin worked ok!)
3/2016 New front propshaft fitted (one with a double joint at each end and a long slip sliding joint). This was a Christmas present from Lois and Hannah, and is to sort out the characteristic front propshaft rumble. It was made by Dunning & Fairbank.

Just a quick note about this firm. They are really helpful people and we thoroughly recommend them. They were happy to discuss this propshaft and its specification with me, and them make it up as specified offering advice when necessary.

The characteristic 101 front drivetrain rubmble is now GONE - it's as smooth as silk and just as silent. No rumble at all. Lovely!

If you do this job, note that you'll need longer propshaft bolts to deal with the thicker yokes. I used 1 1/4" x 3/8" UNF bolts to replace the standard 1 1/8" bolts.
2017/18 A slow time for the vehicle - My new post took up a great deal of my time, so little way done. However now I've retired, I can give it the time it deserves!  
May 2018 An important time! This is when the Government brings MoTrequirements into line with the Historic Vehicle tax requirements, and it won't an MoT to get tax, which is free anyway because it's over 40 years old! Looking forward to that!    

TOTAL COST to date (Aug 2000 to Feb 2018):

Base vehicle: 2,300
Parts: 5,157
Service/labour 1,526
TOTAL 8,984
Per day of ownership: 1.40 (not bad for a hobby - or so I tell my wife!)