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Ian Neal



I'm quite new to this hobby, even though I've been interested for over 50 years!  Let me explain - I first joined my school radio club in the early 70s and was encouraged to go for my amateur exam by my godfather who was a keen operator.  In those days a Morse competency was required and I didn't have it then, so I did short wave listening for a while.  Then of course, life got in the way and O-levels, A-levels, degree, career, children etc etc took first place. 

Then Covid hit and, like many, I used the opportunity (and the lack of the need for a high level of Morse competency) to go for the Foundation exam.  That was supported by Essex Ham (at whose course was great.  I sailed through that in June 2020 and got M7IGN, bought the Intermediate book and took and passed that exam in December 2020, gaining 2E0INX, then bought the Full book.  I opened that and realised that I was out of my depth on the electronics and maths stuff and needed help.  Clubs locally were still not meeting so I approached the Bath Based Distance Learning people.  I took their course and passed the Full Exam with Merit in December 2022.  Huge thanks to Steve Hartley (G0FUW), Martyn Vann (G3RLV) and the team for all their help in getting me here!

I work mostly SSB and FT8 between 10 and 20 metres, but have recently been playing with CW (Morse Code), which is great fun.

(See the bottom of this page for an extract from my logbook.)

Current equipment:

Transceiver: Yaesu ft-991A

Handhelds: Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate and Baofeng BF-F8HP, both with upgraded antennas



  • mAT-125E antenna tuner
  • Yaesu M-70 desktop microphone
  • Sharman LM-40 PSU
  • Tigertronics sound/data interface
  • Kent straight Morse key
  • AV-1000 VSWR power meter
Base antennas:
  • HF - MFJ-1836 6-band (6-20 m) Cobweb
  • V/UHF - J-pole
  • LOG4OM

Locator: IO94es         WAB Square: NZ23         CQ Zone:  14          ITU Zone: 27

Speaking out

At the National Radio Museum at Bletchley Part



Currently almost 1000 successful contacts in 100 countries. Furthest of these is David (ZL2OK) in New Zealand (18,359 km), Anthony (VK6AL) in Australia (14,580 km), Higuchi (JA0FIL) in Japan (12,349 km), Hunsi (YC1JGA) in Indonesia (12,003 km), Luis (PY2VH) in Brazil (9,614 km) and Frans (ZS6FVN) in South Africa (9,405 km)


Latest extract from logbook