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Hannah's Edinburgh Fringe Debut - 2015
playing the Goddess Athena in Horseplay - theTroy Musical
(and a banana)

Video clip - scene one

"...the music is excellent and the singing is good, as is the choreography..."
"Napier University Drama Society, from the city, have put together a big cast and produced one of the few quality programmes that I have seen at this year’s Fringe."
"...some of the performances were good, particularly the goddesses."
"Rough-hewn but sparkling with energy and invention, there’s neigh-doot that Napier University Drama Society’s world premier of Horseplay The Troy Musical is a real hoot."
"...Hannah Neal as a vicious Athena...

Professional review
The production Facebook page CLICK HERE
Fraser's Fringe Funtine (the lead's personal blog of the rehearsal time - a great laugh in itself)